McAllen Masonic Lodge #1110 A.F.A.M.

How to join:


   There are many misconceptions about joining Freemasonry. One of which is that a candidate for Freemasonry has to be asked to join. This is false. Anyone wishing to become a Freemason must ASK the recommendation of a Mason to be made a Mason. Another misconception is that one has to have family members who have already been Masons to become a Mason, a grandfather, father, uncle, brother, etc. This is also false. A candidate for Freemasonry need not have relatives already in Masonry to join. Anyone can join Freemasonry whether you come from a long line of Freemasons or whether one aspires to be the first person in their family to become one. 

    To join McAllen Lodge, or any lodge for that matter, a candidate need only contact a member of a Lodge and ask for more information. If you wish to join McAllen Lodge you may contact us ( or visit the Lodge in person at any time that the Lodge is open. Monday's at six thirty would be the best time to meet some brethren and ask questions.

      - male at least 18 years of age
     - never have been convicted of a felony
     - atheists CAN NOT join Freemasonry

A Short History:


   In the early summer of 1915 Brother R.M. Bounds, who had received his Master Masons Degree from the Royse City, Texas Lodge No. 663, along with some thirty Masons met in McAllen to organize a lodge. It was found that they could not work under dispensation because the McAllen Lodge hall would be nearer than five miles to the Mission Masonic Lodge. Due to this, it became necessary to go to the Grand Lodge for a Charter. 

   The Charter for the McAllen Masonic Lodge No. 1110 A.F.&A.M. was granted on December 8, 1915 by M.W. Dan S. McMillin, Grand Master of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Texas. 

   McAllen Lodge has the distinction to have had three of its members go on to become Grand Master of Texas. First was William Jennings Burris in 1951, second was Herman Vinyard in 1977, and most recently William Michael Gower in 1999.


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