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The Hermes Initiative

     Throughout the years it has become readily apparent that our Lodge has had need for a more effective form of communication. In an effort to rectify this, the Officers of McAllen Lodge for the 2013-2014 year, have put their heads together and drawn out this program, which we have named the Hermes Initiative.

    Hermes, or Mercury as he is known in Roman Mythology, is the messenger for the Greek Gods' of Olympus. This is an attempt to illicit his duties as Messenger God to send messages and communication throughout the members of the Lodge

    Most importantly we might even modify the name of Hermes and put a slight accent on the pronunciation of the name Hermes in an attempt to honor one of our most beloved Past Masters who through tragic events passed before his time. In a tip of the hat we do so take a moment to honor a brother who would have continued to do great and wonderful things for Texas Masonry and Masonry in general had he been with us a bit longer.

    The program will be a three pronged attack, so to speak, and use three different methods for communication.

    The first of which is our Lodge website,, on which we have a Lodge Calendar which will be continually updated by a designated Lodge Officer. Should a member choose to get automatic updates from the calendar it can be set up so that someone can get emails directly from the calendar.

    The second of which is through emails, a designated Lodge Officer will send out emails to those who wish to receive communication through emails on Mondays and Wednesdays, or as necessary.

    The Last communication method we will utilize is text message. As we continue to evolve it becomes necessary for us to continue to adapt to the technology of the lay lest we fall by the wayside and get lost in the twentieth century. As a fraternity we must continue to adapt, adapt or die. As such a designated Lodge Officer will send out text messages to those members who desire to receive messages in this manner, once again on Mondays and Wednesdays, or as needed.

   This program and document is designated to be a fluid and living document which can and will be modified and amended accordingly throughout the year and years as it is continually implemented.




    R.D. Elizondo

    Master 2013-2014

    McAllen Lodge No. 1110 A.F.&A.M.

To sign up for The Hermes Initiative email the webmaster and indicate preferred method or methods of communication, text, or email. Also if you are a member of McAllen Lodge or a visiting member, also if you are a Past Master.

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